My vision is to bring a healthy, delicious Brazilian Street Food alternative to the London high streets and shopping centres.

We serve a range of healthy breakfast Tapioca wraps including great fair-trade coffee and freshly made smoothies and juices. And for the rest of the day, we have a range of healthy but oh so tasty sweet or savoury Gluten free and dairy free wraps which can be eaten morning noon and night.

Our original native wraps have been loved by Brazilians ever since they were discovered. As a Brazilian in London I have missed our unique Tapioca wraps, so I decided it was time to launch my stores and share the love.

Tapioc is a subtle nod to my heritage, where you will be welcomed by our Brazilian hospitality, through our indigenous music, fresh colour pallet and warm and welcoming hospitality.

London is a giant melting pot of cultures, tastes and experiences, and I believe it to be the ideal place to burst into the market with our exciting new food.

Kelly M Da Silva

Founder and CEO


Tapioc Wraps brings authentic Brazilian street food to London. The wrap flour, from the cassava plant, is free from gluten, nuts and grains making it the perfect treat for everyone. Our tapioca bases are also fat free so are a healthy alternative.

We make our tapioca wraps by hand daily, using proven traditional methods to sieve by hand in front of your eyes. We believe in fresh and simple ingredients with no added preservatives is the way forward.

The thin and crisp tapioca makes the perfect wrap to enjoy any time of day. Tapioca wraps are a great replacement for bread and go well with any ingredient. With our locally sourced ingredients that are full of flavour, it is a great taste sensation for everyone